International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
社  区  应  对  新  冠  肺  炎  国  际  网  络

Constitution of The International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response (IACCR)

Issuing time:2020-03-19 16:16

Constitution of The International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response (IACCR)



第一条 网络名称、宗旨和目标

1. Nameof the Alliance is “社区应对新冠肺炎国际网络(hereafter referred to asthe IACCR )” in Chinese and “International Alliance for COVID-19 CommunityResponse (IACCR)” in English.

1. 本网络的中文名称为:社区应对新冠肺炎国际网络;英文名称为:International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response (IACCR)。

2. Purpose:to reduce and eliminate the harm caused by COVID-19 to human beings.

2. 宗旨:减轻和消除COVID-19对人类造成的伤害。

3. Objective:on the basis of equality, trust and inclusiveness, members of the IACCR couldcoordinate and cooperate through sharing information, technology and resourcesto effectively respond to COVID-19.

3. 目标:在平等、信任、包容的基础上,全球各网络成员间通过信息、技术与资源的共享,协调协作行动,有效应对。


第二条 原则

Members of theIACCR shall adhere to the following principles:


4. Nonpoliticaland non-profit;

4. 非政治性、非营利性;

5. Respectingthe culture of all countries or regions;

5. 尊重各个国家或地区的文化;

6. Makebest effort to respond to local citizens, foreigners and stateless persons inthe countries or regions of the members. Response shall be epidemic affectedpeople centered, with special attention to the needs of children, women,elderly and disabled people in the epidemic, and promote epidemic affectedpeople’s participation;

6. 力所能及响应成员所在国家或地区公民、外籍及无国籍人士在当地的求助,以受疫情影响人群的需求为中心,特别关注儿童、女性、长者、身心障碍人士的需要,并促进受疫情影响人群在行动中的参与;

7. TheIACCR shall give priority to members of developing countries and severelyaffected countries or regions;

7. 网络优先响应发展中国家、疫情严重国家或地区组织成员;

8. Abidingby the norms of international relations and the laws of all countries andregions.

8. 遵守国际关系准则与各国和地区的法律。

Article3 TASKS

第三条 任务

9. TheIACCR regularly holds meetings for members to report on local epidemicsituation and share response measures and experiences in various countries or regionsso that to support members' adequate preparedness and responses in thefollowing areas, including but not limited to: human resource, medicalequipment, emergency supplies (masks, electronic thermometers, protectiveclothing, etc.), procurement and logistics, action plans, etc.

9. 网络定期召开会议,各国和地区疫情及应对措施报告分享,以便网络成员在以下方面做出充分的准备和应对,包括但不限于:人员、技术、医疗设备、应急物资、采购及物流、行动预案等。

10. Tocollect technical information and guidance on epidemic prevention and control,especially summarize and translate technical manuals of China's experience inCOVID-19 response on the individual, family, and community level, and sharethem with members of the IACCR and other countries or regions in need.

10. 收集疫情防控技术信息,特别是汇总翻译个人、家庭、社区防疫中国经验的技术手册,向网络成员及全球分享。

11. Toprovide technical guidance for members of the IACCR to conduct a communityneeds assessment and infection risk assessment.

11. 为网络成员开展社区需求评估,传染风险评估等提供技术指导。

12. Tohelp members of the IACCR of the affected countries or regions to raise funds,raise materials or medical professional volunteers, and provide assistance inemergency material procurement (from China);

12. 帮助疫情国家或地区网络成员募款、募集物资或医疗专业志愿者,以及提供紧急物资的采购(中国)协助。

13. Todiscuss and respond to other proposals or requests from members of the IACCR.

13. 就网络成员的其他提议或请求进行讨论和响应。

Article4 ORGANS

第四条 机构

14. Toimplement the purposes and tasks, the organs within the framework of the IACCRinclude: a General Assembly, a Council, and a Secretariat.

14. 为落实本章程宗旨和任务,网络框架内的机构包括:全体会议;理事会;及秘书处。

15. Thefunctions and working procedures of the organs of the IACCR shall be determinedby the General Assembly.

15. 本网络各机构的职能和工作程序由全体会议通过确定。

16. TheGeneral Assembly can adopt a decision to establish other organs of the IACCR.

16. 全体会议可通过决定成立本网络其他机构。


第五条 全体会议

17. TheGeneral Assembly is the supreme body of the IACCR. The General Assembly shalldetermine the basic direction of the IACCR’s activities and the internalstructure and operation, the principle of cooperation with government agencies,non-governmental organizations, corporates and individuals in various countriesor regions, and study the most urgent issues at the same time.

17. 全体会议是本网络最高机构。该会议确定本网络活动的基本方向,决定内部结构和运作,与各国家或地区政府机构、非政府组织、企业或个人相互协作的原则问题,同时研究最迫切的问题。

18. Regularsessions of the General Assembly shall be held quarterly and convened by theSecretariat. The regular session shall be held through an online videoconference.

18. 全体会议例会每季举行一次,由秘书处召集。例会原则上通过网络视频会议方式举行。

Article6 COUNCIL

第六条 理事会

19.The Council is the internal coordination and management body of the IACCR. The initiators of the organization naturally become members of the Council. Moreover,   other members should be elected according to the principle of “one country owns one quota”. If there are several organizations or individuals in a country who have joined in the IACCR, they are responsible for the election. If the election fails, the Council will directly decide the quota and qualification of members in X country, accounting for X' organization number in IACCR as well as its impact in the global epidemic trend. Representatives of each member country shall be appointed by the Council.

19. 理事会是本网络的内部协调和管理机构。理事成员按发起组织自动成为理事及每个国家至少应当有一个理事成员名额的原则进行分配和推举,如一个国家有多个组织或个人参加本网络,则由该多个组织或个人推举,无法推举或难以推举的由理事会按该国参加本网络的组织数量及对全球疫情的影响因素来决定该国名额及理事成员。理事由各名额组织委派

20. Sessionsof the Council shall be convened occasionally, on the proposal of theSecretariat or a joint proposal of one-fifth of the members of the Council. TheCouncil shall be convened by the Secretary-General.

20. 理事会不定期召开,在秘书处提议或五分之一理事联名提议的情况下召开。理事会由秘书长召集。

21. TheCouncil shall set Consultant Committee and other working committees accordingto needs to provide guidance to the Secretariat’s work in response.

21. 理事会根据需要,可设顾问委员会及其他工作委员会,以指导秘书处的应对工作。



22. TheSecretariat is the standing administrative body of the IACCR. It provides coordinationand organization for activity implementation within the framework of the IACCR.

22. 秘书处是本网络常设行政机构。它承担本网络框架内开展活动的协调组织工作。

23. Thereshall be one Secretary-General and several Deputy Secretary-Generals. TheSecretary-General shall be approved by the Council on the recommendation of membersof the IACCR; the Deputy Secretary-Generals shall be recommended by theSecretary-General and approved by the Council.

23. 秘书处设秘书长一名,副秘书长多名。秘书长由理事会根据各网络成员推荐批准决定;副秘书长由秘书长推荐,由理事会批准决定。

24. Secretary-Generalworks for a term of one year, with a maximum of one consecutive term.

24. 秘书长任期一年,最多连任一次。

25. Nomore than one Secretary-General or Deputy Secretary-General shall be approvedfrom a same member of the IACCR.

25. 同一网络成员最多只能有一人被批准为秘书长或副秘书长。

26. Secretariatstaff shall be recruited by the Secretary-General according to working situation.

26. 秘书处工作人员由秘书长根据情况聘任。

27. TheSecretariat of the IACCR is temporarily located in Chengdu City (of People's Republicof China).

27. 本网络秘书处暂设在成都市(中华人民共和国)。

Article8 FUNDING

第八条 经费

28. Thefunding of the IACCR is to be donated by the government agencies,non-governmental organization or corporates, members of the IACCR, or public orprivate funding raised by the IACCR or members of the IACCR in accordance withthe special agreement of the IACCR.

28. 本网络的经费保障,由政府机构、非政府组织或企业捐赠、网络成员捐赠、本网络或按照本网络专门协定进行公开募集或定向募集筹集。

Article9 MEMBERS

第九条 成员

29. TheIACCR is open to all national or regional government agencies, non-governmentalorganizations, corporates and individuals that are committed to abide by the purposesand principles of this Constitution and other agreements and documents adoptedwithin the framework of the IACCR. The above entities could be accepted as membersof the IACCR.

29. 本网络对承诺遵守本章程宗旨和原则及本网络框架内通过的其他协定和文件规定的所有国家和地区政府机构、非政府组织、企业或个人实行开放,接纳其为网络成员。

30. Thedecision of the IACCR to recruit new members shall be submitted by theSecretariat based on the formal applications received to the Council forapproval.

30. 本网络吸收新成员的决定由秘书处根据收到提交的正式申请报理事会通过。

31. Ifany member of the IACCR violates the regulations of this Constitution and / orfrequently fails to perform its obligations under the agreements and documentssigned within the framework of the IACCR, the General Assembly shall decide onthe basis of the report by the Secretary-General to suspend its membership. Ifthe member continues to violate its obligations, the General Assembly shalldecide to expel it from the IACCR, and the effective date shall be determinedby the General Assembly.

31. 如网络成员违反本章程规定和(或)经常不履行其按本网络框架内所签协定书和文件承担的义务,可由全体会议根据秘书长报告作出决定,中止其网络成员资格。如该网络成员继续违反自己的义务,全体会议可做出将其开除出本网络的决定,开除日期由全体会议确定。

32. Allmembers of the IACCR have the right to withdraw from the IACCR. Officialnotification of withdrawal from the IACCR shall be submitted to the Secretariatat least one week in advance. Obligations from its membership and otherdocuments within the framework of the IACCR during its participation adopted bythe member remain binding on the entity after its withdrawal.

32. 网络成员都有权退出本网络。关于退出本网络的正式通知应至少提前一周提交秘书处。参加本网络及本网络框架内通过的其他文件期间所应履行的义务,仍对该退出网络成员具有约束力。


第十条 同其他组织的相互关系

33. TheIACCR can establish collaborative and dialogue relationships with othernational or regional governments, non-governmental organizations and corporates,including cooperation in specific fields.

33. 本网络可与其他国家或地区政府、非政府组织、企业建立协作与对话关系,包括在某些方面的合作。

34. ThisConstitution shall not affect the other rights and obligations of the membersof the IACCR except for which in the joint response to COVID-19.

34. 本章程不影响各网络成员在共同应对COVID-19之外的权利和义务。


第十一条 人格

35. TheIACCR shall be based on the Constitution and the agreements under the frameworkof the IACCR, where nobody enjoys independent personality.

35. 本网络是作为各网络成员基于章程及本网络框架下的协定及相关文件组成的网络,不享有法人人格。

36. Obligationsand rights shall be figured out among members of the IACCR in terms ofbilateral / multilateral agreements. However, since it is a manifestation ofintention of the members to adopt the Constitution and other agreements underthe framework of the IACCR, the Constitution and other agreement shall be seenas the basis of their claim.

36. 网络成员之间依据应对COVID-19的双边或多边协议明确权利与义务,但基于本网络章程及本网络框架下的协定及相关文件是参加及签署的网络成员的真实意思表示,在不与双边或多边协议冲突的情况下,可以成为各网络成员主张权利的依据之一。


第十二条 通过决议程序

37. Resolutionsmade in the IACCR shall be align with majority, which means any resolutionshall be passed by half of the members or more. However, resolution to suspend orterminate a membership shall be performed under the principle of “All PassedAmong Members Except for the Related”.

37. 本网络各机构的决议以多数决。协商过程中二分之一以上网络成员同意即视为决议通过。但中止成员资格或将其开除网络的决议除外,该决议按“除有关网络成员外协商一致”原则通过。

38. Anymember or members of the IACCR may express its or their opinions on individualaspects and / or specific issues through the resolution adopted, withoutprejudice to the adoption of the entire resolution. The above points shall be recordedin the conference minutes.

38. 任何网络成员都可就所通过决议的个别方面和(或)具体问题阐述其观点,这不妨碍整个决议的通过。上述观点应写入会议纪要。

39. Ifany member or members of the IACCR are not interested in the implementation ofcertain cooperation projects that other members of the IACCR are of interestin, their non-participation does not impede the relevant members fromimplementing these projects, nor does it impede the other members from joiningthem in the future.

39. 如某个网络成员或几个网络成员对其他网络成员感兴趣的某些合作项目的实施不感兴趣,他们不参与并不妨碍有关网络成员实施这些合作项目,同时也不妨碍上述网络成员在将来加入到这些项目中来。


第十三条 执行决议

40. Resolutionsof the IACCR made by organs of all levels are implemented by members of the IACCRin accordance with the procedures of their own organization.

40. 本网络各机构的决议由网络成员根据其自身组织的程序执行。

41. Theimplementation of the Constitution and other agreements within the framework ofthe IACCR and the obligations in all organs of the IACCR shall be monitored andsupervised by the organs.

41. 各网络成员落实本章程和本网络框架内其他议定及本网络各机构决议所规定义务的情况,由本网络各机构在其权力范围内进行监督和督促。


第十四条 语言

42. Officiallanguage of the IACCR shall be Chinese and English.

42. 本网络的官方和工作语言为中文和英文。


第十五条 有效期和生效

43. Thevalidity of this constitution shall tentatively terminate by March 31st, 2021.After the expiration, the General Assembly shall decide whether to extend ordissolve the IACCR.

43. 本章程的有效期暂定至2021年3月31日。到期经全体会议决定存续或解散。

44. ThisConstitution comes into effect after being adopted at the first session of the Assembly.

44. 本章程经第一次全体会议通过生效。

45. Afterthe Constitution comes into effect, the IACCR shall be free open to any countryor regional governmental agencies,

non-governmentalorganizations, corporates and individuals.

45. 本章程生效后,对任何国家或地区政府机构及非政府组织、企业或个人开放加入。

46. Withthe approval of joining, this constitution shall take effect immediately tonewly joined members of the IACCR.

46. 经理事会通过新加入的网络成员,本章程立即生效。


第十六条 解决争议

47. Membersof the IACCR shall negotiate and seek solutions when disputes or conflictsoccur while explaining or applying the Constitution.

47. 如在解释或适用本章程时出现争议和分歧,网络成员将通过磋商和协商加以解决。



48. TheConstitution may be amended and supplemented by mutual consultation among membersof the IACCR. Decisions of the General Assembly on amendments and supplementationare fixed by a separate protocol as an integral part of this Constitution andshall come into effect immediately.

48. 网络成员相互协商,本章程可以修正和补充。全体会议关于修正和补充的决定以作为本章程不可分割部分的单独议定书方式固定下来,即行生效。


第十八条 保存组织

49. TheStorage Organization for the Constitution is New Century Institute ofEducation Safety Science and Technology (NCIESST).

49. 本章程的保存组织为 新安世纪教育安全科技研究院。

50. TheConstitution is signed on ________________ (DD/MM/YYYY), written in Chinese andEnglish in two copies, both texts being equally authentic.

50. 本章程于2020年_______月______日签署,正本一式一份,分别用中文和英文写成,两种文本同等作准。

51. Theoriginal of this Constitution is kept by the Storage Organization, and theorganization distributes a verified copy to all signing organizations.

51. 本章程正本交由保存组织保存,并由该组织将核对无误的副本分发给所有签署组织。

Signaturesof members of the IACCR: ______________

网络成员签字: ______________