International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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Join Us to Fight COVID-19: IACCR Calls for Alliance Members

Issuing time:2020-03-20 14:14

With the deterioration of pandemic COVID-19 globally, China, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India jointly initiated The International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response (IACCR) with some other professional associations on February 25, 2020. At present, the IACCR is mainly composed of universities, non-profit organizations and local government agencies around the world, including the Civil Engagement in Emergency Rescue for COVID-19 (CEER) of China Association for Disaster Prevention. They focus on activating and building volunteer groups during this tough time, and enhancing community-level response capacity.

Complying with the laws and regulations of countries and regions, IACCR will provide a platform for complementary exchange of national and regional experiences and technologies in response to the pandemic by regular video conferences, information and knowledge sharing, including but not limited to: pandemic information (medical and virus-related knowledge, personal and family protection knowledge, etc., suggestions for NGOs (community-based response strategies, psychological crisis intervention, industry researches and benchmarking, etc.), idea advocacy (patients and family care, cultural respect and inclusiveness, anti-racism, etc.). IACCR also conducts mutual assistance for countries and regions to recruit volunteers, raise or purchase emergency supplies such as face masks, and provide other support within their capabilities.

The IACCR is open to all national or regional government agencies, NGOs, corporates or individuals that are committed to abide by the purposes and principles of this Constitution and other agreements and documents adopted within the framework of the IACCR. We sincerely invite you or your organization to join the IACCR to strengthen international cooperation and collaboration, and to effectively fight against the epidemic together with the consciousness of community of shared future for mankind. You are also much welcome to invite other organizations to join the IACCR.

If you would like to join the IACCR, please click here and read the Constitution first. Then if you agree with them all, please fill in these two following forms in English--IACCR Member Registry and IACCR Member Representative Information. After receiving them, the Secretariat will contact and inform you whether the Council will accept you or your organization as a member. Thank you for your attention.