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Chinese Organizational Development Association

Issuing time:2020-03-19 22:37Source:Taiwan


Chinese Organizational Development Association


Chinese Organizational Development Association(CODA) is established in Taipei, May 2010. It is a joint effort among scholars, managers in public, non-profits, and private business sectors for the organizational development across the Taiwan Straits.


Promoting the modernization, rationalization, sustainability, and elegance of all the organizations, also promoting social responsibility and public welfare.

Core Values:

Companion, Welfare, Innovation, Cooperation.


Joining different expertise and resources to promote the cooperation and development of all the organizations.


A、Administrate the performance evaluation and diagnoses for the Chinese organizations.

B、Promote mutual visit and communication between the NPO in different regions.

C、Assistant different organizations developing and adjusting their operations.

D、Provide different organizations education and training programs.

E、Conduct research and development studies, and publish the results.

Future perspectives:

A、The development of social enterprises and cooperation.

B、The development of the cooperation platform between NPOs and POs.

C、The promotion of business social responsibility platform.

Work and Accomplishments:

A、Public welfare and development

B、Organizational development and cooperation

C、NPOs development

D、Social innovation and cooperation

E、Youth welfare development