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Rural English Public

Benefits Program


The International Youth Rescue Union (IYRescueU) team is committed to building a community of shared futures worldwide. We do everything to contribute to our society. For instance, we are concerned about solutions to climate change; we help with waste disposal; we provide environmental protection; we promote education; we strive to address poverty and youth development difficulties. As young people, we are highly involved in the development of human society and have growth mindsets in the new era to influence more people, letting young people from around the world fight for their dreams and build up our future. Thus, we would like to call on young people to speak out and communicate with each other, thereby building a strong connection and making a change to the world.

Education in rural regions has always been in a weak situation in China.   Due to factors such as limited resources and lack of teaching equipment,   students in rural areas might not be able to have a good understanding of the world outside their cities. Those factors could also result in some limitations in their vision and prevent them from communicating with people around the world. Our Rural English Public Benefits Program aims to offer free English courses and a platform of communication for students in rural areas. We hope that they will have the opportunity to make friends worldwide, learn different cultures, and enhance their global perspective.   To give children in rural areas a better education, stimulate their interest in English learning, we have developed a set of multi-curricular systems and a lot of scientific learning methods for children in rural areas.

English is a charming language

It is a universal language

English is a beautiful language

It appears in our lives all the time

May 23, 2020

IYRescueU Rural Public Welfare Online English Teaching Project

Started the first class

One camera,

Connected with the desire for knowledge

And passion for teaching

This week we arranged four classes, which were taught by three of our teachers, Melinda Wang, Lisa, and Lana. Different teachers are like different paintbrushes, which paint unique colors for our courses.

In the classroom of Lana, her students were taught about the three topics of dreams, trips, and English. She combined her lessons with their own traveling experience. Among the topics of dreams, the children’s feedback was the most enthusiastic, and they shared their dreams-astronaut, scientists, teachers, etc. Then Lana shared some interesting experiences of her on the road of learning English to the children. After her first lesson, the children not only became more interested in English without any doubt, they also confirmed their goal of learning English.

Enthusiastic and understanding Lisa is our teacher for lesson two. She introduced the topic of dreams with the theme of Disneyland’s dreamland. She discusses with her class about their ’favorite Disney characters", and she tells some wonderful filter of fairy tales. As a saying goes," Each Human emotions may be different, but the love for fairy tales is always the same. " The gold coins hidden behind the apples aroused the children's interest. One pronunciation, one apple, one gold coin at a time, let the children remember the words in entertainment,   this is so-called "education".

As the old Chinese saying goes "Eating is the root of people", Melinda has attracted the attention of "foodies" through the collision of Chinese and Western diets. From Chinese or Western diets to the overview of those countries. Then to the ideal careers, step by step, she lets her students popularize foreign culture and grammar knowledge as well as letting them gradually try to speak English. She successfully turns each "snack lovers" into "little dreamers".

Haven’t you watched enough? Now let ’s take a look at some exciting moments.

This week's class ended successfully although our teachers also encountered some of their difficulties. But they are still extremely passionate about teaching and communicating with these kids. "We wish to provide an equal and inclusive platform for the children in the countryside through their efforts so that the kids can explore the larger world and their deeper self through spoken language in the future. " They said.

After class, we interviewed individual teachers, students and students. Let's find out what they said.

How do you feel after the first class?

I think the task is very heavy, because I want to teach them well, but I'm afraid I can't speak well and I can't raise their interest. But their ignorant voice moved me, like a very tender tender seedling, want to carefully care. However, I will try my best to do well and hope to give them a positive and happy oral English course. (although I may assign some homework to them later).





My biggest feeling is the happiness brought by this kind of volunteer teaching. I like children very much. In addition, I often like to participate in some activities like summer camp, especially getting along with children. I always think the children's innocence is very lovely and interesting. In getting along with them, I also get a kind of exercise. In a word, I am honored to have this opportunity.

Firstly, in terms of hardware, remote online education with rural students by means of tencent video conference is indeed a very novel mode, which can enable children to concentrate on enjoying urban education resources in a short period of time. It is hoped that it can be promoted more efficiently in the running in the future.

Secondly, in terms of software, children between 11 and 12 years old generally have a weak English foundation, but zero foundation is also a kind of hope, because it can provide them with a new oral English teaching experience with a more open and free platform, especially different from the exam-oriented education model in public schools.

I hope that the combination of such hardware and software resources can provide an equal and inclusive platform for rural children, so that they can explore a bigger world and deeper themselves through spoken language in the future.

I think the launch of village charity English is a very good idea. I hope our first volunteers can set an example to the greatest extent and let more resources and volunteers join in.



Have you ever been exposed to online teaching before? Which place do you find most interesting in this lesson?

This is the first time that I have received online teaching before. I think the most interesting part is the career introduction, such as engineer, because I will be like an engineer when I grow up.

Li Zixuan


How did you feel after sitting in on the class?

I think the whole process is very interesting, some students can introduce themselves in English fluently and completely, pronunciation is also very standard, it can be seen that the strength of the students is not weak, the teacher's lesson preparation is also very full, after class also actively asked for advice, put forward the need for improvement.

New media staff

In 2020, an outbreak

Taught us to cherish, taught us to persist

Fighting the epidemic together, we never give up

Learning is endless, we never stop

Public welfare teaching, we are on the way