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About SRP (Social Responsibility Practitioners)

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SRP is a platform set up by youthsacross the world, who concern about the practice of social responsibilities andthe United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China. We, with thepower of youth, aim to record the stories of individuals, companies as well ascivil society organizations that set examples in practicing socialresponsibilities, increase the awareness of social responsibilities in thegeneral public, and create a network for information exchange and cooperationamong all the practitioners and promote China's implementation of SDGs.


Our Goals& Activities

Recording and Popularizing · Story SharingColumn

Make contact with practitioners(from social organizations, enterprises, etc.) who are committed to shoulder socialresponsibility, record their actions in the form of articles, videos, etc., andpublish them on our platform and other well-known media;

Practice and Action · SocialResponsibility Projects

Identify social needs, carry outsustainability projects in the field of social responsibility, and promote the settlementof social problems;

Exchange and Cooperation · Networkfor Talents’ Exchange and Sharing

Connect social responsibility practitioners,build a platform for communication and cooperation between China and foreigncountries in the field of social responsibility, and promote internationalcooperation between China and overseas social responsibility practitioners;

Discussions and Lectures · Seminarson Special Topics

Invite practitioners, experts andscholars to give online / offline lectures and discuss with domestic andforeign audiences;

Trigger and Assistance · Youth IncubatorProject

Encourage and support young peoplewho have practiced in the field of social responsibility to submit theirinnovative solutions, and provide professional guidance from seniorpractitioners and experts in the field of social responsibility. Through the youthincubator, let’s make the idea into reality.