International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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Notice of Recruitment of Professional Volunteers

Issuing time:2020-03-19 01:25

International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response (IACCR)
Volunteer Recruitment

10 Medical officers (online)


1. Medical practitioners (qualification required) with the knowledge and skills to cope with Novel Coronavirus

2. Understand and master the latest Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

3. Promise to provide voluntary services at irregular times within a three-month period;

4. International assistance experience is preferred;

5. English as the working language (the Alliance secretariat will provide specialized translators for medical officers if necessary).


1. Review the medical data related to the prevention and treatment of Novel Coronavirus

2. Participate in the weekly international meeting of the Alliance, answer all kinds of questions about the prevention and treatment of Novel Coronavirus raised by the Alliance members, or make suggestions;

3. Provide Alliance members with epidemic prevention measures for, including but not limited to individuals, families, communities and schools, and response measures for hospitals, aiming at the epidemic situation in foreign communities.

5 Development Assistance Officers (online)


1.Experience in disaster emergency management, development assistance, social psychological assistance, community governance, etc., or more than 2 yearsworking experience in international non-profit social organizations or large domestic non-profit social organizations;

2. Promise to provide voluntary services at irregular intervals within a three-month period;

3. Foreign language communication skills are preferred (English, Japanese, and Korean are preferred).


1. Assist the alliance members to design community projects (mainly related to the epidemic prevention) and guide the implementations according to the background information and requirements provided, including but not limited to assessing the requirements of communities and providing needs evaluations and services for vulnerable populations based on the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia outbreak;

2. Attend the weekly conference on foreign assistance, answer the questions raised by Alliance members in their areas, provide professional suggestions and opinions on the projects of international aid cooperation;

3. Good at integrating resources and able to organize and convey the experience.

10 Propagandists (online)


1. Familiar with various forms of network promotion at home and abroad, proficient in using various new media tools;

2. Excellent ability to edit texts, process pictures or edit art;

3. Promise to provide online voluntary services at any time within a three-month period;

4. Priority to who has rich resources including communication channels and platforms;

5. More than 2 years experience in communication, branding building and public welfare project promotion is preferred.


1. Copywriting;

2. Participate in or responsible for design and art editing;

3. Check publicity information;

4. Participate in or responsible for formulating and implementing popularization plans;

5. Participate in the operation of communication platforms (mainly includes we-media)

6. Link the communication resources (includes resource man and communication platform).

Please apply through the message board at the bottom of this website homepage.