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Chengdu Shanghou Social Work Service Center

Issuing time:2020-04-10 19:19

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Founded in 2005, the working team of Chengdu Shanghou Social Work Service Center has established social centers like Panzhihua Community Development Center and NGO Disaster Prevention Center ( including Fire Phoenix Social Work Service Center in Dujiangyan ), in order to make contributions to Community integrated services and sustainable livelihood development, domestic emergency relief and post disaster reconstruction, school and community disaster reduction and prevention education. Since 2005 till now, our team has conducted 45 public welfare programs both at home and abroad, benefiting over 300,000 worldwide. With rich experience, in January 2017, we shifted priorities and set up Chengdu Highest and Greates Public Service Center ( renamed Chengdu Highest and Greates Social Work Service Center, or HGC ), which is committed to offering (emergency) management consultation and training for school and community safety , as well as integrated services for community development.