International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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Upcoming International Webinars

Issuing time:2020-04-02 23:03

Many of the 173 UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) members around the world face severe challenges due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). These challenges include a record number of children and youth who are not in school or university because of temporary or indefinite closures mandated by governments in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

In order to exchange solutions, discuss contingency plans and share distance-learning approaches, members of the UNESCO GNLC will convene webinars organized by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL). Non-member cities are also invited to join the online events, share their experiences and learn from other cities.

Webinars: UNESCO learning cities respond to COVID-19

Date: 24 March 2020 to 28 May 2020

Where: Worldwide (Germany)

Upcoming webinars:

1 April 2020

Topic: "Equity and inclusion"

Region: world

Login Details:

Time: 13:00 PM CET Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 599 801 634

8 April 2020

Topic: Family, community support, intergenerational learning and the parental role

Region: World

9 April 2020

Topic: General response to COVID- 19

Region: Latin America / Caribbean

15 April 2020

Topic: Higher education, role of institutions in the response to COVID-19

Region: World

22 April 2020

Topic: Migrants and refugees: Measures taken in the pandemic time

Region: World

23 April 2020

Topic: Francophone countries General response to COVID- 19

Region: Francophone countries

29 April 2020

Topic: Mental health, health, and well-being

Region: World

6 May 2020

Topic: Prison population: Challenges and measures taken in the pandemic time

Region: World

13 May 2020

Topic: New ways of governance, partnership and education

Region: World

20 May 2020

Topic: Economic and social and education recovery

Region: World

27 May 2020

Topic: Human and civil rights protection

Region: World

28 May 2020

Topic: General response to COVID-19

Region: Arab countries