International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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Our Work

Issuing time:2020-03-30 11:16

1. We welcome the institutions with the capability of producing and publishing specialized knowledge. We will continue to provide high-quality knowledge about response measures of community and professional volunteer services, suggestions and tool kits.

2. Professional meetings: the IACCR will host meetings for members to exchange local epidemic situation and share response measures and experiences, in order to improve members' readiness and capacity of taking actions in the following areas, including but not limited to: human resource, medical equipment, emergency supplies (masks, electronic thermometers, protective clothing, etc.), procurement and logistics, strategy and action plans, etc.

3. Professional reports and tool-kits: the IACCR plans to collect and select technical information on epidemic prevention and control, especially summarize and translate technical manuals with epidemic prevention experience for individual, family, and community level, and share with alliance members.

4. Technical guidance: the IACCR plans to provide technical guidance for members in need to conduct community needs identification and analysis, project design and implementation control, social impact assessment, etc.

5. Resource raising: the IACCR plans to help members of the affected countries or regions to raise funds, materials or medical professional volunteers, and provide assistance in emergency material procurement (from China).

6. The IACCR will discuss and respond to other proposals or requests from members.

In the context of pandemic urgency, the IACCR members initiated the resolution that the secretariat was established in the New Century Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology Research (NCIESST) (Chengdu, China), in which professor Zhang is the president, who is the main founder of the IACCR.

From the establishment to June 2020, the working venue, operation cost, salary of staff of the Secretariat, and the website construction of the alliance are supported by New Century Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology(NCIESST.