International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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Prof. Guo Hong

Issuing time:2020-03-29 16:28


Prof. Guo Hong,senior researcher,member of the Decision-Making Advisory Committeeof Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, director ofthe Development Advisory Committee of Chengdu Social Organization Academy, chairmanof Sichuan Shangming Social Development Research Center, honorary dean of NewCentury Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology and principalconsultant of Civil Engagement in Emergency Rescue for COVID-19 of ChinaAssociation for Disaster Prevention, executive director of Chinese SociologicalAssociation, vice chairman of Urban Sociology Committee of Chinese SociologicalAssociation, vice chairman of Sichuan Society Association and Sichuan YanYangchu Research Association. She used to be the director of Sociology Instituteof Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, the Secretary General of the ResearchCenter for Public Policy and Social Development of Sichuan Academy of SocialSciences, and the director of the National Social Workers Training Base of theMinistry of Civil Affairs of Sichuan University. Her main research fields areurban and rural community development, non-profit organization development,etc.