International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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Guide for Community Social Workers to Practice Public Prevention Services in Response to Public Heal

Issuing time:2020-03-25 09:12Source:I-YOU-SHE Community Development Center, Chengdu

Basedupon the practical experience of the IYOUSHE’s households service support team,this paper outlines how the social workers, when facing the outbreak ofCovid-19, opened a mental health   hotlineto help maintain the mental health of the public especially those of the most vulnerableones like the old, weak, and disabled. The service effectively reduced the negativeemotions of the public and maintained the normality of the community.

This documentsummarizes the assignments, main focus of the service, essential knowledge and basicskills for social workers to provide mental health support service throughhotlines and hopes that it can serve as reference for similar practice in the futureto respond to public health emergencies.