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Sichuan Shangming Social Development Reseach Center

Issuing time:2020-03-21 22:21


Sichuan Shangming Social Development Reseach Center was officially registered on March 6, 2012.It’s a private social science research institute established by the transformation of the former Sichuan 512 Voluntary Relief Service which was founded during the Wenchuan earthquake and mainly provided services and coordination for the non-governmental public welfare organizations involved in the Wenchuan earthquake emergency relief and post-disaster reconstruction.By setting up learning exchange platforms, holding salon activities,issuing public welfare publications and other forms of activity, Sichuan Shangming Social Development Reseach Center provides community workers and public welfare partners with theoretical knowledge and practical experience sharing of public welfare and teaches them civil society, gender, participatory concepts and working methods to help its public welfare partners expand their horizons,open their minds and work with them to promote the development of public welfare.