International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response
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A Brief Introduction of the IACCR

COVID-9 is now a public health emergency of international concern which spreads faster, wider and is more difficult to control than any other diseases. Its also a test for both the national management building and capacity. The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council attach surmountable importance to it.

In response to the epidemic of COVID-19, China Association for Disaster Prevention (CADP), together with the national partner institutions and professionals initiated a service platform of Civil Engagement in Emergency Rescue for COVID-19 (hereafter referred to as CEER). During the outbreak it offers to match the supply and demand information of materials needs of the affected area, professional videos for the public and hotlines of makeshift hospitals for psychological support…Over one thousand volunteers took part in and played an important role.

With the deteriorated situation of pandemic COVID-19, China is currently playing the central role in disseminating technology on pandemic prevention and control given the considerable experiences from the early days. We won worldwide acclaim by releasing the report of COVID-19 to the international community and fruits of coronavirus research from Chinese academia as well as supports for countries with ill-equipped medical systems.

On February 25th, 2020, China, Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India jointly initiated the International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response (IACCR) with some other professional associations for the purpose of further participating in multi-level transnational and cross-regional collaboration and fighting against the pandemic. At present, the IACCR is mainly composed of universities, non-profit organizations, and local government agencies in Asian countries and regions, including the New Century Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology. They focus on activating and building volunteer groups during this tough time, and enhancing community-level response capacity.

Complying with the laws and regulations of countries and regions, the IACCR will provide a platform for complementary exchange of national and regional experiences and technologies in response to the pandemic by regular video conferences, information and knowledge sharing, including but not limited to: pandemic information (medical and virus-related knowledge, personal and family protection knowledge, etc.), suggestions for NGOs (community-based response strategies, psychological crisis intervention, industry researches and benchmarking, etc.), idea advocacy (patient and family care, cultural respect and inclusiveness, anti-racism, etc.). The IACCR also conducts mutual assistance for countries and regions to recruit volunteers, raise or purchase emergency supplies such as face masks, and provide other support within their capabilities.

The preliminary work is as follows:

1. We welcome the institutions with the capability of specialized knowledge production and release. We will continue to provide high-quality knowledge about response measures at community and professional volunteer services, suggestions and tool kits. The span of the project is initially set to one year. The member institutions can negotiate to adjust the next phase goal based on the global pandemic situation.

2. Professional meetings: the IACCR regularly holds meetings for members to report on local epidemic situation and share response measures and experiences in various countries (regions) in order to support members' adequate preparedness and responses in the following areas, including but not limited to: human resource, medical equipment, emergency supplies (masks, electronic thermometers, protective clothing, etc.), procurement and logistics, action plans, etc.

3. Professional reports and tool kits: the IACCR plans to select and collect technical information on epidemic prevention and control, especially summarize and translate technical manuals with Chinese epidemic prevention experience for individual, family, and community level, and share them with alliance members and other countries or regions in need.

4. Technical guidance: the IACCR plans to provide technical guidance for members in need to conduct community needs identification and analysis, project design and implementation control, social influence assessment, etc.

5. Resource raising: the IACCR plans to help members of the affected countries or regions to raise funds, materials or medical professional volunteers, and provide assistance in emergency material procurement (from China).

6. The IACCR will discuss and respond to other proposals or requests from members.

In the context of pandemic urgency, the IACCR members initiated the resolution that the secretariat was established in the New Century Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology Research (NCIESST) (Chengdu, China), in which professor Zhang is the president, who is the main founder of the IACCR.

From the establishment to this June, the working venue, operation cost, salary of staff of the Secretariat, and the website construction of the alliance are supported by NCIESST.

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International Alliance for COVID-19 Community Response

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New Century Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology

Coordinator: Ms. Wang Liao

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